Tips for Guests to have fun at the Wedding. 

I totally agree with these Tips that @brides wrote, and I want to share it with you.

1. Other Activities: 
Pull in fun lawn games or life-size board games, like Jenga or even cornhole at the Cocktail hour photo booth is always an A+. 

2. Late-Night Snack: 
Whether it be burgers, pizza or little finger foods — so it's available a couple of hours after dinner and wedding cake.

3. More Than One Open Bar: 
If you have a passion for whiskey or whipping up homemade margaritas, include a second or third bar that specializes in your favorite drink. You can even up the personalization of your wedding by including a bar that serves your signature wedding cocktail.

4. Skip the Traditions: 
If you find the traditions meaningless and a little dull, then your wedding guests definitely will. Don't do something just because you think you have to — it's your wedding! And your guests want to see your personalities and spirits shine through.

5. Rethink the Sit Down Dinner: 
Not married to the idea of a three-course meal? Skip it. Instead, go for one of the other awesome alternatives to a sit down feast, whether it be a buffet, food stations, family style or something in between.

6. "Yes" to Social Media: 
In addition to giving your wedding a hashtag, encourage guests to pull out their phones and Snapchat, Instagram and post about your wedding in real-time to whatever other social media site they might prefer, but not to get on the Photographer's way. Ü 

7. Get Visual With the Speeches: 
When your maid of honor and best man prepare their speeches, give them the option of creating video or using a photo element to complement their words — giving guests something to look at while they listen will help keep them engaged.  

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