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Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Lets talk about the Wedding Budget. 
Start by making a checklist of the "Must Have" and the "Nice to Have", one being the most important and the other one being the least. 
The budget is all about balance and priorities. 
For starters, take a good look and super-duper evaluate your guests' list. The more guests you have, the more food, liquor and decor you have to have. Your guests will always remember and talk about - the music and the food. So, the quality of these two should be a great priority. 
But most importantly, do what feels right for you both, not what people should expect. It's all about the overall experience that they will have, and the love and gratitude that you both will reflect on that special day towards them. 

Karol' Wedding Day
Wedding Planner: @merylinandino
Photographer: Atanas Kan
Venue: El Convento Hotel, Old San Juan

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