Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

This, for me, is very important and I always encourage my clients to schedule it with the entire Bridal Party, including everyone that will walk down the aisle, and also, the ones that will have part with a reading and/or escorting a family member. I suggest this takes place one to two days prior to the wedding day. It usually takes approximately 35 to 45 minutes. Your Wedding Planner should be there, of course, to guide you all through the steps. 

The rehearsal is the perfect time to familiarize with what you'll all be doing, as well as to help you all get more comfortable in your spot. It will also show the parents/grandparents where exactly they will be sitting, and where they should go when they're done walking down the aisle. Always consider and schedule with your Wedding Planner a Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal, so your entire Bridal Party will feel comfortable on the day of the Wedding. They will appreciate it! 

Frances' Bridesmaids
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